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Hi, I'm Aaron and...

I develop things

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Software Engineer
Web Developer
Other Skills
I use these languages:
I speak these:
I also know these:
Python, Java & C++
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Sass & SQL
Octave, PySpark & Accurate Deliverable Timelines
I like to use these:
And these:
And sometimes these:
PyCharm, GitHub, GitBash, Sublime, Eclipse
Confluence, Jira, Jenkins, Docker, Google Analytics
Android Studio, Workday, AWS
With these, I like to:
I create and design these:
I enjoy:
Develop front-end applications, games, scripts, or make my day easier with small applications at work
Websites in WordPress & from scratch or inject code into popular web design sites like Squarespace and Wix
Data analysis, communicating, learning on my own on sites the Codecademy and FreeCodeCamp & not having sleep
My current projects include:
I'm working on:
I'm currently spending time on:
Object-oriented text-adventure game
Portfolio and code injection on a small business website
Mobile game for iOS


Some of my previous and current projects. More work coming soon!

Empire Laser Solutions
High-end industrial rust removal tools that are available in North America.
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Hall Quarry Rentals
Family-owned vacation rental property business that provides a home away from home for clients.
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Developed an application for iOS that promotes camaraderie and competitiveness.
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